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Madina Heights Lahore

Are you in search of the perfect apartment in Lahore? Look no further than Madina Heights in Bahria Town Lahore. This modern development is a true masterpiece, situated in the heart of this bustling society. Madina Heights offers high-rise living with top-notch amenities and an attractive investment opportunity on easy installments. Crafted by one of the leading real estate developers, this project guarantees privacy, security, and peace of mind. It’s not just a great place to live, but also a smart choice for investment with substantial benefits.

About Developers

Realtek Properties is the force behind this remarkable development. With years of experience in real estate consultation and services, they’ve now ventured into construction and development. Madina Heights is a masterpiece created under the supervision of highly qualified engineers, project managers, and technical professionals.

Madina Heights Bahria Town Lahore Project Plan

The project’s design showcases the intelligence and attention to detail of its developers. With its sleek, modern architectural design, Madina Heights boasts an eye-catching exterior, spacious lobby, impressive apartments, and delightful balcony views. The thoughtful design ensures proper lighting and cross-ventilation, creating a comfortable living space. The building also features ample parking, reliable elevators, and safe staircases. Each apartment exudes elegance and sophistication, embodying the brand’s luxury and style.

The lower ground and ground floors of the project house various-sized shops, while floors 1 to 6 offer modern apartments for comfortable living.

Apartments for Sale in Madina Heights Bahria Town Lahore

This thoughtfully designed project offers a variety of apartment sizes to cater to modern investors and buyers:

  • Studio Apartments (Sizes: 281 sq ft, 313 sq ft, and 345 sq ft)
  • One-Bed Apartments (Sizes: 450 sq ft + balcony)
  • Two-Bed Apartments (Sizes: 620 sq ft + balcony)

The studio apartments in Madina Heights are particularly noteworthy for their design and space, making them an ideal choice for a comfortable lifestyle in Bahria Town Lahore.

Madina Heights Location Map       

The location of a project can significantly impact its value and appeal. Madina Heights benefits from an excellent location within Bahria Town Lahore, situated in the Bahria Commercial Complex within Umar Block Commercial. This sector has a separate entrance and is conveniently close to Safari Villas and Safari Mall. Nearby, you’ll find reputable educational institutions like Kips School, Unique Science Academy, and Punjab College. The Bahria Grand Mosque is just a 5-minute drive away. This outstanding location makes Madina Heights a desirable option for both residence and investment.

Madina Heights NOC Approval

Having a valid NOC is crucial for any real estate investment, and Madina Heights has you covered. This project is fully approved by the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) and has received clearance from Bahria Town management. Moreover, the entire Sector D has LDA approval, ensuring a safe and profitable investment in Madina Heights Lahore.

Madina Heights Payment Plan      

The prices of apartments at Madina Heights Bahria Town Lahore are reasonable and offer flexible payment options. The studio apartments start from 38 lacs to 42 lacs, with a booking amount of 13.30 lacs. One-bedroom apartments range from 58 lacs to 65 lacs, with a booking amount of 20.30 lacs. Two-bedroom apartments are priced at 88 lacs, with a booking amount of 30.80 lacs.

The payment plan allows for a 35% down payment, with the remaining amount payable in 30 monthly installments and 5 half-yearly installments. Monthly discounts (8% per year) are included in the installment plan, making it a flexible payment option over 2.5 years.

Reasons to Invest

  • Madina Heights is an enticing investment for several reasons:
  • Prime Location in Sector D
  • Full Approval from Sector D and TMA
  • Convenient 35% Booking and Flexible 2.5-Year Payment Plan
  • Ready-to-Move, On-Ground Apartments on Installments
  • Comfortable Living Spaces and High Profit Potential
Category35% Down Payment30 Monthly Installments5 Half Year InstallmentsMonthly Discount(8% Per Year)Total Price
Studio(281 sqft)1,330,000/-50,000/-194,000/-25,333/-3,800,000/-
Studio(313 sqft)1,400,000/-50,000/-220,000/-26,666/-4,000,000/-
Studio(345 sqft)1,470,000/-50,000/-246,000/-28,000/-4,200,000/-
One Bed(450 sqft)2,030,000/-75,000/-395,000/-38,666/-5,800,000/-
One Bed(450 sqft + Balcony)2,275,000/-75,000/-395,000/-43,333/-6,500,000/-
Two Bed(620 sqft + Balcony)3,080,000/-100,000/-544,000/-58,666/-8,800,000/-
Category35% Down Payment30 Monthly Installments5 Half Year InstallmentsMonthly Discount(8% Per Year)Total Price
Shop 1(244 sqft)630,000/-20,000/-114,000/-12,000/-1,800,00/-
Shop 2(171.5 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 3(171.5 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 4(300 sqft)770,000/-25,000/-136,000/-14,666/-2,200,000/-
Shop 5(300 sqft)770,000/-25,000/-136,000/-14,666/-990,000/-
Shop 6(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-387,000/-6,600/-990,000/-
Shop 7(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-387,000/-6,600/-990,000/-
Shop 8(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-387,000/-6,600/-1,300,000/-
Shop 9(181 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 10(181 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 11(181 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 12(181 sqft)455,000/-20,000/-49,000/-8,666/-1,300,000/-
Shop 13(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-38,700/-6,600/-990,000/-
Shop 14(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-38,700/-6,600/-990,000/-
Shop 14(141 sqft)346,500/-15,000/-38,700/-6,600/-990,000/-
Category35% Down Payment30 Monthly Installments5 Half Year InstallmentsMonthly Discount(8% Per Year)Total Price
Shop 1(304 sqft) + Front Facing2,170,000/-75,000/-356,000/-41,333/-6,200,000/-
Shop 2(304 sqft) + Front Facing 2,170,000/-75,000/-356,000/-41,333/-6,200,000/-
Shop 3(312 sqft) + Front Facing 2,240,000/-75,000/-382,000/-42,666/-6,400,000/-
Shop 4(347 sqft) + Front Facing 2,450,000/-75,000/-460,000/-46,666/-7,000,000/-
Shop 5(244 sqft)1,225,000/-35,000/-245,000/-23,333/-3,500,000/-
Shop 6(244 sqft)1,225,000/-35,000/-245,000/-23,333/-3,500,000/-
Shop 7(200 sqft)980,000/-30,000/-184,000/-18,666/-2,800,000/-
Shop 8(200 sqft)980,000/-30,000/-184,000/-18,666/-2,800,000/-
Shop 9(200 sqft)980,000/-30,000/-184,000/-18,666/-2,800,000/-
Shop 10(200 sqft)980,000/-30,000/-184,000/-18,666/-2,800,000/-
Shop 11(143.5 sqft)700,000/-25,000/-110,000/-13,333/-2,000,000/-
Shop 12(143.5 sqft)700,000/-25,000/-110,000/-13,333/-2,000,000/-
Shop 13(143.5 sqft)700,000/-25,000/-110,000/-13,333/-2,000,000/-
Shop 14(143.5 sqft)700,000/-25,000/-110,000/-13,333/-2,000,000/-
** Monthly discount is applicable on full payment with a ontact of 2.5 years.**
** 17.5% Confirmation payment is to be paid within 45 days after booking.**

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